Due to the current Conona Virus Pandemic, Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy had to cancel the FREE Spring 2020 pet therapy training class. We are taking reservations for the FREE Summer 2020 pet therapy training class. The dates for this class are: June 6, June 13, and June 20. Hopefully Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy will be able to hold this class. If you are interested in signing up for FREE pet therapy training, email bfriends2005@gmail.com to sign up. The location may change from the published location.


Mission Statement:  Educate and nationally certify volunteers with their own dogs for animal assisted therapy and animal assisted activity at schools, hospitals, retirement facilities, and other locations to provide comfort and affection and to enrich the lives of people and animals in our communities.

The essence of this legend is at the heart of Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy. Established in August 2006, the group celebrates this unspoken bond that exists between humans and canines. Offering volunteer services to people in need, primarily in the Miami Valley and Southwest Ohio, Best Friends is guided by two founding principles. First, to raise awareness of the benefits of pet assisted therapy in a variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, and women’s centers and secondly, to help people and their pets interested in becoming pet assisted therapy teams to realize this worthwhile goal. 


During the past decade, pet assisted therapy has grown from the occasional presence of a nursing home cat to a broad program working with all types of animals to aid humans as they heal from physical and emotional wounds as well as to provide the unconditional love and support so critical to the development of all beings.  We've reached out to connect with people in Clark County, Greene County, Montgomery County, Champaign County, Miami County, Clinton County, Warren County, Delaware County, Butler County, Union County, Franklin County, Hamilton County, and Brown County.  We also have reached out to connect with people in four other states:  Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Florida.  We also now have the first pet therapy teams visiting travelers at the Dayton, OH, International Airport to help nervous travelers be more at ease.  This team also sends off and greets the former military men and women that travel to Washington, DC, on Honor Flight to see the military memorials that honor them.


The teams of Best Friends are happy and proud to share the love of their family pets with people in need throughout the community. These noble creatures that give so much and ask so little in return are among the most engaging traveling companions we will meet on this journey.  Welcome!


Note: The dogs and their owners pictured throughout this site are members of Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy (unless otherwise noted) serving the Miami Valley in Southwest Ohio.
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