2020 News & Events


Thank you so much to our Springfield Meijer for donating $1000. in gift cards! On June 24, Keri Frasco, Mary Bishop, Lynn Conrad, Norma Raiff, Shelley Clemens, Lisa Massie, Nancy Insley, Dan Insley, Pat Hamilton, and Forrest Hamilton showed up at the Springfield Meijer’s to make the pet food purchase. We had so many volunteers show up that Pat and Forrest Hamilton were excused.
The Clark County Dog Shelter, Clark County SPCA, Animal Welfare League, and Anything’s Pawsible all received generous donations of pet food.
Shelley Clemens also donated a $100 TSC gift card to the Clark County Dog Shelter.
Thank you so much to Meijer’s in Springfield, OH, for their generous donation allowing many abandoned pets to be able to eat and low income people to feed their dogs so they will keep them at home instead of surrending or dumping them.

Conroy Funeral Home Make a Donation to Best Friends

On February 17, Kyle Conroy, of Conroy Funeral Home in Springfield, OH, is presented a donation check to Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy. Conroy Funeral Home donated funds to local groups to help celebrate their 100 years of service to the community. Thank you Conroy Funeral Home in Springfield, OH!

Best Friends help in the study to see the benefits of pet therapy

Miami Valley Career Technology Center nursing class had Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy to class to help the students study decreased blood pressure and better EKGs due to petting and visiting with a pet therapy dog. Clarence and Ruby visited with the students.

Youth at Stillwater Church's 30 hour Famine get a special visit

Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy went to Stillwater Church in Dayton on Jan 25. They were having a 30 hour famine lock-in for world hunger. The pet therapy teams helped the youth get through some of the last hours of their fasting.

Best Friends supports Blood Drive

For the first time, Best Friends Pet Assisted Therapy went to Yellow Springs High School in Yellow Springs, OH, to support the blood drive held at the school. Many pet therapy teams went to visit with the students at the school to help calm first time donors and bring a smile to everyone's face. One team member even donated blood there. The students enjoyed having the kids at the school.. Looks like the dogs are happy, too.

Elroy and Sallie are grateful they can make a difference

Elroy and Sallie Wilson Luther went to Dayton Children’s Hospital feeling grateful and humbled by the lives he’s touching.

Amelia visits at Butler County Juvenile Justice Center

Amelia went to the Butler County Juvenile Justice Center today to visit with the kids.